Honey infusions to Make Your Day

Honey is nature’s magnum opus. The richness and the benefits of honey are a feast for the senses. From making the tea drinkable to being the energy powerhouse, honey has had everyone’s back for the past 5000 years or so. Curiosity is what gave rise to many inventions and discoveries that toppled human minds. From the fire to the latest version of the Android, man’s need for constant improvement has resulted in many encouraging results, one of those discoveries is honey infusion.

Honey infusion is the process of infusing other elements in to honey so as to combine the benefits of the two. These elements range from lemon, ginger and even to tulsi. Honey infusion let’s you have the convenience of two of nature’s healthy ingredients all in a single sip or spoon. Every concoction of honey and the ingredient helps the consumer by giving them the benefits they deserve. Following are a few honey infusions that are brilliant in every sense.


The infusion of lemon and honey give rise to a mix that has been proven to be effective against bad coughs and colds. The strong bond between the tangy lemon and sweet honey is a great A few drops of this mix in a warm cup of tea is a great way to start the day.


The fusion of honey and cinnamon is a favorite to many. The sweetness of honey and the warm, soothing, woody flavor of the cinnamon gives the tasty punch to every dull breakfast. The tasty cinnamon honey drizzled over the bread or pancake is a great way to kick start the day.


Tulsi and honey by themselves are heavy hitters, but when combined together, they become the powerhouse of healthy treats. The tasty honey and the taste of tulsi, resembling the blend of mint, licorice and clove, cleanses your palate and helps treat flu and sore throats.


Infusing ginger and honey brings out the best in both of these. Both honey and ginger has effects that cure the digestive ailments that plague a human being. The combination of both of these produces a concoction that works wonders.


Garlic has been through the ages and has been aptly named as. The miracles that garlic has performed are nothing short of magical. The mix of honey and garlic is sure to lift your spirits and alienate sickness in a heartbeat.

Having a bottle of honey infused ginger, lemon or cinnamon in your cupboards will definitely help to keep your palate and your health in check.

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