Wholesale Raw Honey Supplier in India!

We offer a wide range of floral raw honey supplier from all over India as well as customized honey blends for the industry: standardized, homogenized and purified blends according to customers’ specifications. For your bulk honey supply, for all of your food, nutritional, cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade honey needs, make Safa Honey your partner of choice.

We have unmatched technical capabilities and utilise state of the art processing, filtration, storage, inventory management, packaging, drumming, bottling, laboratory testing and freight services.

We have a diverse and innovative range of bulk shipping options, one of which is sure to meet your requirements, including;

  • HDPE Jerry cans of 3 kgs, 7 kgs, 30 kgs & 50 kgs.
  • Metal or HDPE drums of 280 – 300 kgs.

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