Code of Conduct

We recognize and respect the relatedness of the environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability. It is our responsibility to be part of the transformation of how people interact with the Earth and all living beings.

The honeybee represents a critical linkage in agricultural production. Bees are essential to crop pollination and food production. We recognize beekeeper farmers who follow best practices that sustain bee colony health. We support research nationally and internationally to preserve and protect the honeybee.

The beekeeper farmer represents an important connection in the food supply. We honor beekeeper farmers who bring natural product to market. We value the passing of the beekeeping tradition from one generation to the next.

Our company serves a vital role in the welfare of society. We nurture the growth and development of our organization and team members.

We give back to our communities through charitable contributions.

We take measures, including support of a honey standard of identity, to provide the purest and safest foods for consumers. We communicate the importance of sustainability to all who enjoy our products. We enlarge our territory of influence through wise stewardship. Consideration for the future permeates our daily decisions.