Safa Honey


Safa Raw Wild Honey 500g

Rs 400.00

WILD HONEY: Wholesome with nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Safa Raw Wild Honey is a staple on every kitchen table, providing genuine nourishment and unmistakable taste of purity. Unfiltered, unprocessed and unheated, this multi-floral wild honey has all its goodness conserved to nourish you from within. Enjoy its nostalgia-inducing taste with your herbal teas, toasts or pancakes or as a daily natural supplement for an active and healthy life.

Safa Premium Raw Sidr Honey 350g

Rs 650.00

A versatile shrub, the Sidr tree offers healing to various ailments in humanity. Every part of the shrub, be it the leaves or the fruits, Sidr has potent medicinal qualities that are undeniable. Safa Raw Sidr Honey is collected from the flowers of Sidr tree with the plant’s remedial properties embedded in each drop. A powerful antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and antibiotic, Raw Sidr Honey reverses the damages in your body and promotes healing at a cellular level. An effective tonic to fight liver problems, free radical damage and libido-enhancer, Raw Sidr honey can bring back the good days in all their glory. Turn the clock back with this premium Raw Sidr honey from Safa!

Safa Raw Acacia Honey 500g

Rs 649.00 Discount : 4%

Delicious Safa®Raw Acacia Blossom Honey will delight your taste buds with its subtle, unfiltered and all-natural flavor.The light and transparent colour attests to the high quality of this single-variety acacia honey. The consistency of this delicious natural product stays fluid for a long time. Bees collect the nectar for this sun-kissed honey during the acacia's (Robinia pseudoacacia) short blooming period in spring.

Safa Raw Borage Honey 350g

Rs 850.00

Hailing from intensely fragrant blossoms of Indian Borage from the mountains, Safa Raw Borage Honey is the perfect nectar for a heavenly twist to your day. Also known as Solai or Kashmiri White Honey, this clear, light-coloured honey caresses your taste buds with a delicate and exotic taste that will leave you wanting for more. Sourced from the popular medicinal herb Plectranthus rugosus, Raw Borage Honey is a must-have in your cupboard for its healing and rejuvenating qualities. Add a swish of scented sweetness to your drinks or meals with this uplifting aromatic honey and face the world with fortitude. Because, you can!

Safa Raw Tulsi Honey 350g

Rs 335.00

Safa Raw Tulsi Honey hails from the combs of bees foraging exclusively on Tulsi blossoms and packs a rich punch with the herb enriching every drop of it. Familiar to every home and culture, Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is well known for its antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory powers. Tulsi effectively fights respiratory infections, common colds, cough, fevers and skin diseases like acne and fungal infections. Set your immunity standards high and meet them everyday with our Raw Tulsi honey that offers a refreshing taste, redefining healthy choices.

Safa Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

Rs 395.00

Juiced up from mountain-fresh, organic apples, Safa Apple Cider Vinegar is created by natural fermentation of apple juice into cider and further into vinegar. This apple cider vinegar is aged in barrels, imparting a smooth apple cider taste to it. Safa Apple Cider Vinegar is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving its ‘mother’ and nutrients in tact. A natural remedy that aids in gut health, digestion, detoxification, metabolism, weight loss and diabetes, Apple Cider Vinegar is a must-have in your pantry. Sizzle up your salads or just detox with a tablespoon in chilled water.

Safa Raw Neem Honey 500g

Rs 360.00 Discount : 10%

The goodness of Neem, the highly valued traditional herbal remedy, embedded in every drop, Safa Raw Neem Honey is a pure, monofloral raw honey gathered from Neem Blossoms. This raw honey is a treasury of immune-boosting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers and an ideal daily tonic for preserving good health and protecting the body from diseases.

Safa Raw Forest Honey 500g

Rs 250.00

The serenity and purity of the locations transcends into the unique taste of the honey the bees churn out- and we leave it at that, so that you savour the unique taste and goodness of the rare Forest Honey. Nature’s delicious secret to good health, Safa Honey is 100% pure and natural. Easily digestible and rich in nutrition, honey is an ideal food for growing children and adults, with great curative properties

Safa Raw Wild Honey 3kg Value Pack

Rs 2,050.00

A favourite among honey-lovers, Safa Raw Wild Honey has the tangy, aromatic and full-bodied taste that brings in a wave of nostalgia of everything homely and traditional. Unfiltered, unheated and unprocessed, this multifloral raw wild honey is a staple on every kitchen table, providing genuine nourishment and unmistakable taste of purity. Raw Wild Honey Nature's delicious secret to good health, Safa Honey is 100% pure and natural. Easily digestible and rich in nutrition, honey is an ideal food for growing children and adults, with great curative properties. Our exquisite Wild honey has a tangy, aromatic and full-bodied taste.

Safa Summer Blossom Honey 3kg

Rs 1,170.00

Safa® Summer blossom honey is made by bees on sunny orchards at the height of the blooming period when they collect nectar from flourishing and fragrant Litchi blossoms. Its fresh character, flowery taste and golden yellow colour make this exquisite natural product a popular and delicious spread on bread.

Safa Raw White Honey 350g

Rs 300.00

Safa Raw White Honey is that milky white spread of sweetness that can give your mornings a little extra kickstart. Whipped out of raw mustard blossom honey, this creamy white honey will leave you wanting for more. Be it a scoop for your midnight hunger pangs or to stash in your office for that unexpected sweet craving, our creamed white honey is a healthy jar to indulge in with all the goodness of raw monofloral honey.

Safa Raw Black Forest Honey 350g

Rs 350.00

Safa Raw Black Forest Honey is jarred for the sophisticated taste buds, its subtle tangy flavour entwining with a thin salty edge. With a deep damp wood aroma that invades your senses, this organic, raw honey gathered from bees buzzing over wild flowers lingers in your mouth and memory long after you have consumed it.  Our unfiltered and unprocessed raw Black Forest Honey is an ideal addition to your diet to garner the great health benefits of wild honey with an adventurous twist to the taste!