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Honey tastes fantastic, and is the perfect way to give in to sugar cravings, only the sugar won’t be there! We bring you 4 interesting ways in which you can use Safa honey in your everyday food:

1) As a sugar substitute

Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to your cup of herbal tea. When you add honey to your tea, it enhances the taste of your tea, and the naturally occurring enzymes and trace minerals in it boost the effectiveness of the herbs that it is mixed with. This is also a good home remedy for managing your weight.

2) As a healthy evening snack

Do you get hungry quite often? If so, then this simple snack with honey is your go-to! Take a few tablespoons of loose granola, and add your favourite fruits, seeds and nuts to it. This is healthy, delicious and will keep you full, reducing those unwanted hunger pangs!

3) As a tasty accompaniment to milk

Let’s admit it; most of us don’t like the taste of plain milk. How about adding some honey to it for a delicious twist? Pour two cups of milk in a pan and boil it. Add half cup blanched almonds, 3 tablespoons honey and half a tablespoon crushed cardamom seeds to the boiled milk, and stir the mixture for 5 minutes. Pour into serving glasses and that right there makes your cup of nighttime milk that much tastier!

4) As an antidote to colds and the flu!

This one is less of a recipe and more of a health tip that we feel will be beneficial to you. When you feel yourself coming under the weather, just add 2-3 cloves of minced garlic to 2 teaspoons of honey and gulp it down. While it may not taste the best, it will surely help your body heal and recover quickly.


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