Virgin Coconut Oil

Safa Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

Rs 345.00

Cold Pressed for Skin Care, Hair Care, Oil Pulling, Dietary & Cooking The benefits of coconut oil for hair, skin, and digestion are well known. But Safa extra virgin coconut oil brings added advantage as it is cold-pressed from pure coconut milk for potency. Get the 200 ml bottle of Safa coconut oil and get the value for your money. Sourced from Fresh Coconut for added potency. The properties of coconut oil help fight candida and yeast, promoting skin and digestion support.

  • Pure cold-pressed coconut oil: The Safa Virgin Coconut Oil you get is cold-pressed from Pure Coconut Milk for potency. It is extracted from selected coconuts, and no heat has been applied during the extraction process.
  • Safa coconut oil virgin for hair: The Safa extra virgin coconut oil can help you to maintain healthy hair. It can improve hair growth and reduce hair fall.
  • Safa coconut oil for healthy skin and digestion: The properties contained in coconut oil are known to fight candida and yeast, thus promoting skin and digestion support. Try including it in your diet.
  • Oil pulling: Suffering from bad breath and unhealthy gums? Swish Safa Virgin Coconut Oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene.
  • Vegetarian: The high-quality Safa coconut oil is 100% vegetarian.